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Mona Mills Public Art

Brawley Animal Garden

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First on the tour is Brawley Animal Garden.  It is a 40 foot long, 10 foot tall mural which incorporates 5 sculptures surrounded by heavy relief.  The sculptures were built with concrete and then covered in mosaics of tile and found objects.  The finished product was accomplished with the help of Steps of Success students in Brawley, California.  The work was sponsored by North County Coalition for the Arts, Steps of Success YO Project, and Brawley Parks and Recreation.
The mural can be viewed in person at Abe Gonzalez Park in Brawley, California.
Below are some pictures of the work as it progressed.

Mountain Lion sculpture before tiling.
Mountain Lion Cement Sculpture
Mountain Lion is one of 5 sculptures.

Mountain Lion is one of 5 sculptures incorporated into the mural.  The others are a magnificent bull head, a howling coyote, a stately bobcat, and a cantering horse.  These animals can all be found living in the Brawley area - thus the name, Brawley Animal Garden.

3D Coyote Sculpture Mosaic
Coyote Mosaic Sculpture
Coyote Sculpture before mounting in mural

Here is Coyote ready to be mounted in the mural.

Click here to see more work in progress.